2 way SMS online with textburst

2 way SMS simply means the ability to send and receive text messages. It lets you to have a proper text chat with your customer. If you’ve got something to share and would like instant feedback then it’s probably the best mechanic you could hope to find.

OK so you can communicate in lots of different ways:  talking, writing, print, radio, TV, the internet, the mobile internet, email, texting, tweeting…

But whatever medium you choose, you’ve got to make sure you’re listening. If you’re broadcasting only, you can never know what people want from you.

Text messages get a 97% open rate and are amazingly responsive.

So if you want to do a mobile marketing campaign, send alerts or other staff and customer text updates, it’s just the thing. Especially as you can get replies in real time. What could be better?

How do I send text messages?

Go online and log into our user friendly web app, enter the mobile number you want to send to, pop your message in and send. That’s it.

If you’d like to send to a group rather than an individual, just upload their mobiles to a group from an excel or a csv file, select and send your message.

You can use Textburst (our bulk SMS app) to send anything from 1 to 20,000 texts to your contacts in one go. It’s a flexible and astoundingly powerful marketing and communication tool.

All texts are 5p each and you can buy them as you need online.  Alternatively we can sort you out with an invoice/direct debit account. Whatever’s best for you.

How do I receive text messages?

You’ll need a virtual mobile number.

These are numbers that are added onto your online account rather than a mobile phone. They look like this ‘07123456789’ (just like any other mobile number).  They cost £25/month.

When your customers text your virtual mobile number, their message will go direct to your online account. You can see them and respond to immediately or download and analyse as you wish.

Incredibly easy to add to your account, just email me and I’ll sort it out for you.

2 Way SMS

If you want to keep in close fuss free touch with people, there’s no better way than via their mobile and 2 way SMS.