Case Study: Letting Agency Success with SMS

Cavendish Lettings tell us the secret of their success.

In the face of a credit crunch and global recession, achieving success in the competitive world of residential property lettings is no mean feat. Ali Baylav, MD of Cavendish Lettings, Nottingham tells us how he does it.

Take a specialist approach

Ali set up Cavendish Lettings in 2006, working with private and corporate landlords, in particular those who had suffered problems letting and managing their portfolios. Cavendish Lettings take a specialist approach, guiding Landlords through increasing legislation and helping them land long term lets on maximum rents.

“We’ve got twelve staff focused on one service. We don’t act as sales agents, if someone wants to sell their property we’ll recommend a good estate agent. We’re about letting properties, that’s our expertise and we stick to it. That’s what gives us the edge, we’re not dabbling in everything chasing different agendas.”

Manage lettings with Gemini Software

Right from the start, Ali used VTUK’s Gemini software to manage their Lettings. With over 220 landlords, 350 properties and 800 tenants, they’re not dealing with the kind of numbers you can manage on a spreadsheet.

“It’s an excellent piece of software; we’d be lost without it. We’ve grown from nothing to over 350 properties and Gemini’s been with us all the way, it’s particularly good for communication. It’s not easy staying in touch with so many different people, there’s a lot of ‘FYI’ stuff to get out there. For example; confirmations of viewings, letting people know repairs are happening or what time a contractor will arrive, new availability, the list is endless, just lots and lots of good information.

Use SMS to communicate

We picked up on the SMS functions early on. We noticed this box that said ‘SMS’, rang up tech support and they got us going. Now we send everything by text, you just can’t beat that instant connection, and it’s a lot less intrusive”

Ali is relaxed about mobile phones. Cavendish Lettings use email just like we all do, but they understand that not everyone is sitting at a PC or carrying the latest smartphone.

“We actually text landlords to let them know we’ve sent an email, if feels counter intuitive but it’s actually complimentary. We get a response to the email much quicker if we send a text.”

“Both Landlords and Tenants want to know everything that’s going on, you can’t ring everyone, you’d need a full call centre. That’s why SMS is so valuable, it’s a fundamental part of our business.”

Refreshing news

It’s always refreshing to speak to a business that has prospered through a recession, and it’s great to think that our SMS service has helped Cavendish Lettings achieve just that.