Formatting contact data for upload into textburst

A common question we get asked is how to format mobile numbers correctly before uploading into our Online SMS product textburst. So to help here is some straight forward instructions.

Summarised Version

If you are competent with excel just follow the 4 steps below. For a more in-depth explanation see further down this post.

1. Remove column headers

2. Remove any spaces in the numbers.

3. Remove 0 and prefix the numbers with the country code.

4. Save as a CSV File

That’s it you’re done & ready to upload to textburst!

Detailed Version

1.  Remove column headers

  • Delete the entire row containing the headers, right click on that row’s number and choose delete

2.  Remove any spaces in the numbers

  • Left click on column letter to highlight and press Ctrl + F which will bring up a ‘Find and Replace’ box.
  • Click on Replace tab.
  • Enter a space in the ‘Find what’ box.
  • Leave ‘Replace with’ box empty.
  • Click on Replace All button.

Remove Spaces Screen Shot

3. Remove 0 and prefix the numbers with the country code.

  • Right click on the column with the numbers in and click format cells, in the number tab click number in category and select 0 decimal places.

  • Enter 44 (or appropriate country code) in the first cell of the next blank column right click on the cell and select copy then highlight the cells below that you are going to copy in to and click paste.

  • In the first cell of the next column, enter the formula =CONCATENATE(D1,C1), you may need to alter the column letters depending on what columns your numbers are in. Copy this down to replicate the formula but change the cell refs in it each time, click on the cell and drag the cross in the bottom right down to highlight the cells you are copying to.

  • Copy the column with the formula, left click the column letter, right click and choose copy, then paste special into the next column, right click the column letter and choose Paste Special, select the Values option.

  • Now Delete the previous columns (C, D & E), left click on the column letter to highlight, right click and choose delete.

4. Save as a CSV File

  • Go to ‘Save As’ and save as a ‘CSV comma delimited’