Mobile Marketing

As Sales Promotion Magazine leads with a headline that Agencies expect the industry to be revolutionised by Mobile, and 38% of agencies expect to see significant growth in their use of mobile marketing in the next 12 months. We take a look at some of the technologies that brands are successfully using to capture our attention:

SMS for data capture, entering competitions, texting for further information.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t new technology, SMS has been with us for a generation. What’s changing is the breadth of uses for the technology as brands become confident it’s a communication medium their consumers are happy to engage via.

Not only is SMS used as an entry mechanism for on pack promotions, we are also seeing charities utilising the mechanism to generate immediate response, campaigners raising awareness and gather support for their cause, and of course not forgetting the car manufacturers using shortcodes across all their media to capture prospective customers data.

The reality is SMS provides and an easy and cost effective mechanism for consumers to engage, it’s makes your advertising or campaign more effective… ignore it and you’re missing an opportunity.

Draw Servers – Automated and Auditable

Gone are the days of GMTV scandals, winners picked out by closing your eyes and dropping a pen. With such high profile failures the whole industry has become acutely aware of the value in a brands reputation, and indeed that of its appointed agencies.

The simple truth is mobile is an instant mechanism and hence data captured can be processed instantly. There is no need for delays and ambiguous cut off times. The industry has changed, service providers have responded with Draw Servers, brands and agencies now understand their importance.

The question to ask your SMS provider is 3 part, is it fully automated, is it fully auditable, and is it totally secure?

Downloadable content Ringtones, wall papers, games.

The most successful sales promotions are those that provide real value to the consumer. Kelloggs award winning Zoo Keeper promotion delivered an estimated £3.8 million of value to its consumers by offering up free entry, animal facts on the bounce back SMS, free downloadable ringtones, and winning a day as a zoo keeper.

Of course it doesn’t have to cost the earth. If you are confirming entry with an SMS response then the cost is covered, so use it to deliver additional value. Think what your customer would value, product or nutritional information, where to purchase, or information on future promotions. Let’s make everyone a winner, or at least provide some useful information that softens the blow to those that didn’t.

Downloadable content such as ringtones, wallpapers, video, and games can be licensed for a one off fee. They provide the consumer with something that not only will continue their brand engagement, but they can revisit time and time again.

Viral opportunities leap to mind as consumers forward content and links to friends and family. Personal recommendations and sharing is the norm in a world that’s gripped my social media. So let’s embrace the opportunity and get them engaged with your brand.

With the advent of the iphone and the app store we are becoming increasingly savvy with mobile applications, look at the success of the ipint (Carling), downloaded by just about everyone I’ve ever know to have an iphone.

Mobile Internet bigger screens and 3g connections.

It’s on the rise and can’t be ignored. UK adults are using mobile internet over 50% more than last year and as more smart phones find their way off the retailers shelves and into our pockets, mobile internet is medium that’s going to grip us all. The question here, does your brand have a website, almost definitely yes, a mobile site, probably not, but why not? 4.3 million adults are using it every day!

But how do you use mobile internet effectively in sales promotions? Again it comes back to that providing value, product information, retailer information, additional offers, even if it’s imagery to reinforce your brand values. As with everything mobile, it’s not expensive and fully measurable, so let’s use it.

Following the success of a mobile marketing campaign BMW’s head of marketing said “If you’re not on mobile your missing a whole generation”.

He’s not wrong.