Outlook Mobile Service com add-in

If you’re having trouble finding the Outlook Mobile Service options in Outlook 2007 then it might be that the functionality wasn’t enabled during setup.

Fortunately it’s pretty simple to get those options to appear.

Step by Step:

1. In the main Outlook menu select: ‘Tools’ > ‘Trust Centre’.

This should bring up this screen

2. Select ‘Add-ins’ from the left hand menu.

Lower down you will see a drop down box with ‘Com Add-ins’.

3. Click the ‘Go’ button.

You should get this screen:

4. Now just scroll down the list of options and make sure the one that says ‘Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service’ is checked.

And click ‘Ok’.

Now if you select Tools and Options then Mobile options should appear at the bottom of the menu, like so:

There is also a post about these options on the forum.