Schedule your SMS campaign with textburst

Imagine you have a beautifully crafted SMS alert service and the first one out is 7 in the morning. But there’s no way you’re in the office or at your laptop work ready at 7am. Thankfully, you don’t have to be. It was set up yesterday using the textburst scheduling feature….

Out there in the real world:

7am –  I’m on auto pilot getting ready for work. My phone’s bleeps. It’s a text message to remind me about a dental appointment first thing. OMG, glad I said yes to that alert service… else I’d have forgotten….

Later that same day:

7pm – John’s been out all day and is hungry for some substantial food (possibly a curry).  His phone pings a new text:

‘Free starters with any main meal at the Gorgeous Food Restaurant’.

He’s pretty chuffed because he opted in to receive offers by text from this restaurant.. he’s off to get some food.

Take it easy

Textburst scheduling is a boon for anyone who’s thinking about when their customer wants to receive alerts and updates by text.

You just book the slot (date and time) when you set up your text message.

It all seems really straight forward and that’s because it is. Textburst makes it easy for you.

Just click into schedule

NB   No text messages were harmed in the creation of this blog. Textburst is happily sending text messages for people just like you right now.