Textburst online SMS update

Firstly, Happy New Year to all!

We’ve got an exciting year ahead and we’re getting straight into it. The new website will be live later in January and at the same time textburst will take on a whole new appearance.

There’s a demo available so feel free to click around and let us know what you think?

Don’t be fooled though, it’s a demo, it doesn’t actually send messages.

View the textburst demo

At the same time I thought it worth showing off the work that the illustrator Stanley Chow has put in. He’s created us a range of images we can use to identify products and services.

We’ve deliberately steered away from any stereotypical representations of a text message, usually a mobile phones and/or envelope. It’s been done many times and we wanted something that helps us stand out, while at the same time providing cohesion between our products.

So here they are:

mediaburst birds


Outlook SMS

Email to SMS

Let us know what you think, are they too bold, are they simple enough, do you like the consistency?