Top 10 tips to better text marketing

Do you want your customer to read and appreciate your message? Here’s how to make every text message count with just a few easy tweaks:

  1. Personalise – use names in your text messages to get a better response.
  2. Fun – Like most forms of social media, it’s OK to use a bit of personality.
  3. Originator /From field – Show who the text is from by putting your company name in the “from” field.
  4. Permission – Don’t be a spammer, only text customers if they’ve given you permission.
  5. Time – Make sure you send bulk SMS marketing messages at a good time in the day for your customer. You can use Textburst schedule function to make sure you’re always sending at the right time.
  6. Your message – Be specific; make your words count.  A standard text message is only 160 characters. But if you need to send a longer message it’s OK you can just concatenate it.
  7. STOP – make sure your customers can opt out of further texts if they want to. An opt out route should be included in your text.  E.g.  text STOP to xxxxxxxx to opt out of further messages or call xxxxxxxx.
  8. Data – keep it up to date. If you haven’t had a delivered message to a mobile number in the last two months, then take them out of your database.
  9. Merge – send out unique updates with just one send.
  10. Templates – save templates of messages you routinely send out to save time.

If you want to know more about any of the above just let us know.