• What is Textburst?

    Textburst is a web-based application which allows you to send text messages to mobile phones. Think of it like Gmail or Outlook but for SMS. There’s nothing to download. You access Textburst via a web browser on any computer with internet access.

    We encourage you to sign up for free and try it out for yourself.

  • Why use Textburst?

    The advantage of Textburst (rather than using a mobile phone) is that you can send messages to large numbers of recipients very quickly and get real-time feedback on message delivery. You can also receive messages with a Textburst Mobile Number, upload and manage your contact database, create groups and let people opt into them via a free keyword and shared shortcode. Check out more features here.

  • How much does Textburst cost?

    Textburst works on a “pay-as-you-go” basis with messages costing as little as 2p. Prices are per message, per recipient. There are no contracts or commitments, you just pay for what you send. All of our pricing can be found on our pricing page and if you’re sending over 1000 texts per month, get in touch for a quote..

  • What payment methods can I use?

    Many customers log into our system and make purchases by credit/debit card or PayPal. Customers spending over £100 per month can be upgraded to an invoice account which means they’d be invoiced monthly for all texts sent during the previous month. To apply for a credit account, please complete our credit application form and email it back to us.

    If you’d prefer to pay by direct debit, please request a direct debit mandate and send the completed form back to us.

  • How many characters can I send in a single text message?

    One text message is 160 characters of normal text. You can also send what we call “concatenated” text messages. This is where multiple text messages are joined together to form one long text:

    • 1 SMS = up to 160 characters
    • 2 concatenated SMS = up to 306 characters
    • 3 concatenated SMS = up to 459 characters
  • How many messages can I send?

    There are no limits to the number of messages you can send. Some of our customers send one or two messages, some send hundreds of thousands per campaign.

  • How quickly are my messages sent?

    There’s no technical limit to the number of messages we can send. Textburst queues your messages and feeds them to the networks as quickly as they’ll take them. If you’re sending in excess of 40K messages per campaign these won’t hit the network for a couple of minutes. If you’re sending a campaign of over 100K let us know and we’ll keep an eye on the send for you.

  • Can I send text messages worldwide?

    We send to 177 countries worldwide. If you’re looking to send to a particular country, you can view which countries and networks we support on our pricing page.

    When you first sign up for a new Textburst account, you can send messages to mobile phone numbers in the United Kingdom (+44). If you would like to send to numbers outside of the UK, contact our friendly support team to have international sending added to your account. You can see if it’s added already by visiting the ‘International sending’ settings page in the app.

  • Can I schedule messages to be sent at a later time/date?

    Scheduled text messages are very easy to set up. Just compose your message as usual and then choose a date and time. Your message is scheduled and sent at the time specified and you’ll receive an email to confirm the send.

  • Can I send international characters or emoji?

    Textburst has full support for international characters and emoji. Using either will switch your message to Unicode mode. The caveat is that your maximum character length is shortenend as follows:

    • 1 SMS = up to 70 characters
    • 2 concatenated SMS = up to 134 characters
    • 3 concatenated SMS = up to 201 characters
  • Can I personalise my bulk text message sends?

    Textburst’s Merge Data feature means that you can personalise messages sent to groups of contacts. Automatically include first names, surnames or custom merge data to add that personal touch to your text messages.

  • We automatically shorten links to 16 characters so that they can be tracked and reported on your Sent message page. Link shortening and tracking can be easily disabled in your settings. Read more about link tracking

  • How do my recipients know who my message is from?

    A From Address allows you to choose how you would like to be identified by your recipient. You could choose your name, number, company name or promotion, anything up to 11 characters in length (some network providers don’t support spaces, punctuation or symbols).

  • Can I receive text messages via Textburst?

    A Textburst Mobile Number looks just like a normal mobile number e.g. 07123456789 but texts sent to it appear on your account’s received page.

    It’s free to receive messages, the only charges are a one-off £5 set up fee and a monthly rental of £5.

    It’s easy to add a Textburst Mobile Number to your account, just sign up/log in follow the instructions on the Received messages page.

  • Can people opt-in to receive my text messages?

    Yes. Text-to-join allows people to opt-in to any group (contact list) of your choosing via a unique keyword and a shared short code. Once set up, anyone who texts this keyword to 84433 is instantly enrolled and will receive all new messages you send to the group.

    This way you can tailor your message to specific groups and put members in control of what they receive. Everyone is happy.

  • Is my data safe?

    Yes. We take our data protection responsibilities very seriously. We never buy or sell data, we store everything in secure data centres and lock it behind industry standard firewalls. If you want the full details then please read our Privacy Policy.

  • Who runs Textburst?

    Textburst is brought to you by Mediaburst a business based in Manchester UK.

    We’ve been around for over 14 years, processing millions of text messages each month. Our customers range from tiny one man bands to massive multinationals.

    We also run three other text messaging services:

    • Florence - a text message system for the NHS
    • Clockwork - a text message API for software developers.
    • SurveyMill – an SMS survey application.

    Our office address is: Studio 18, 18 Hilton Street, Manchester. M1 1FR.

  • Why is there a maximum amount on how much I can top up?

    To help keep your account secure and protect against fraud, we limit the amount that can be topped-up with each transaction. This amount should increase for you with time, but if a higher limit would be useful sooner, don’t worry – just get in touch with our support team.

    Alternatively, you can set up a credit account which means you’ll never run out of credit – we’ll simply invoice for what you use. If you’re sending over 500 texts per month on behalf of a registered company, you can apply to upgrade your account. If this sounds like the right option for you, get in touch and our support team can help you.

  • Can I find out if my message has been delivered?

    Yes, if you are sending to UK mobile numbers. Once you’ve sent your message you can check the delivery status details on the Sent Message Details page. Here are the common delivery states:

    Status Description Common causes
    Enroute Sent to mobile network
    Delivered Delivered to destination
    Expired Message validity period has expired Handset turned off or out of range
    Undeliverable Message could not be delivered Invalid mobile number; error within the mobile network; handset turned off or out of range

    If your message is undelivered, we recommend you check the format of your number. It must be in international format making sure that it doesn’t begin with ‘00’ or ‘+’. For example, a UK number will begin ‘44’ and a US number will begin ‘1’.

  • What's a 'grey route' and why doesn't Textburst use them?

    A ‘grey route’ is a very unreliable, but seemingly cheap way of sending text messages by bouncing them between several international networks. Messages sent via grey routes regularly get delayed, lost or suddenly blocked, and you won’t receive any delivery receipts. Textburst doesn’t use any – we go directly to the most reliable networks. That’s why we have among the best delivery rates you’ll find.

  • Is Textburst GDPR compliant?

    We did lots of work ahead of GDPR coming into effect in May 2018 to ensure we were as GDPR compliant as possible. Here’s our GDPR blog post. Our long-standing commitment to looking after your data doesn’t stop there, of course – we continue to review and improve what we’re doing. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

  • I have a question you haven't answered

    We’d be more than happy to answer it. Please get in touch and let us know how we can help.