Send SMS

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Worldwide network coverage

Send just to your home country, or to contacts all around the world with Textburst’s excellent international network coverage.

Personalised bulk SMS

Personalise messages you send to groups using Merge Data such as a first name, last name or custom data. It’s a bit like mail merge in Microsoft Word.

Scheduled SMS

Compose a message as usual then choose a date and time to send it. You’ll receive an email confirmation when the message is sent.

Emoji support

Add some personality to your messages with Emoji. Whether it’s smileys, animals, hearts or a thumbs up, we have a handy little picker so you can find the right one.

International characters

Say “Hello” in Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, Korean, Russian or Arabic. Send text messages in any language you choose, with full support for International characters.

Branded SMS

Let your recipients know who you are and help your message stand out from the crowd with a From Address such as your name, company or promotion. Reinforce your message by adding custom Branding to your SMS.

Message templates

If you find yourself getting text message déjà vu, save time, repetition and your sanity with reusable message Templates.

Contact groups

Groups are a great way to organise and segment your contact list. You can create as many groups as you need and even let people Text-to-Join.

Blacklist and opt-outs

Stop sending text messages to specific contacts by adding them to the Blacklist. It’s the ultimate, fool-proof, opt-out list.

Receive SMS

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Textburst mobile numbers

Receive text messages from customers or staff with your very own unique Textburst Mobile Number. It looks just like an everyday mobile number but received messages are displayed in your Textburst account.

Text-to-join contact groups

It’s easy to upload and manage contacts and groups in Textburst but you can also let people join your groups with Text-to-Join. Just create a group and pick a free keyword. People who text the keyword to 84433 will be automatically enrolled to the group.

Export received messages

Export a .csv list of your received messages so you can further analyse the responses you get, gaining further valuable insight into your customers’ preferences.

Live reporting

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Detailed delivery statistics

Get detailed Delivery Statistics for your text message campaigns, even if they’re being sent to thousands of contacts. Quickly see which messages are en route, delivered or expired.

Email notifications

You can choose to get 30 Minute Snapshots and Confirmation of Scheduled Sends email notifications sent straight to your inbox.

Automatic link tracking

Send a link and see who clicks it. Whenever you include a link in a text message, it is auto-shortened and tracked. We’ll report each link clicked in your sent message stats.

Pricing, infrastructure and support

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Pricing and payment options

Budget easily with simple per-message rates and volume discounts. Pay as you go by topping up your account, or switch to a credit account for monthly invoices instead.

Credit alarms

Never accidentally run out of credit by setting up a credit alarm to receive a notification when your balance is getting low.

Solid, resilient, secure

Textbust is built on a reliable, solid, secure infrastructure with 99.9% uptime and resilient connectivity to the mobile networks.

Multiple account users

Add multiple users to one billing account to streamline your admin, and manage customer lists easily with shared contact groups.

SMS API and SMS surveys

Use your Textburst login to activate the Clockwork SMS API and the excellent SMS survey capabilities of SurveyMill, sharing account balance across all three apps.

Friendly, helpful support

No matter who you are, or how many text messages you send, our friendly support team are on hand to help. Have a question? Just ask.