Send SMS

Personalise bulk SMS

Personalise messages you send to groups using Merge Data such as a first name, last name or custom data. It’s a bit like mail merge in Microsoft Word.

Scheduled SMS

Compose a message as usual, click the Send Later link, choose a date, pick a time. Your message is scheduled and will be sent at the time specified. You’ll receive an email confirmation when the message is sent.

Emoji support

Add some personality to your messages with Emoji. Whether it’s smileys, animals, hearts or a thumbs up, we have a handy little picker so you can find the right one.

International characters

Say “Hello” in Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, Korean, Russian or Arabic. Send text messages in any language you choose, with full support for International characters.

Branded SMS

Let your recipients know who you are and help your message stand out from the crowd with a From Address such as your name, company or promotion. Reinforce your message by adding custom Branding to your SMS.

Message templates

If you find yourself getting text message déjà vu, save time, repetition and your sanity with reusable message Templates.